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How much sugar are you Eating?

November 13, 2014 @ 9:20 pm
If I ask you; how much your daily sugar intake is, what would you say? Would you think 16 teaspoons might be a lot? One soda drink have the 16 teaspoon full of sugar Soda consumption has increase dramatically since earlier decades with major soft drink corporation reporting billion of dollars in revenue. The estimated that 33% of added sugar intake is solely fro soft drinks. A candy bar with 24gr of sugar is equal to 6 cubes of sugar Here is the main sources of sugar Regular soft drinks                            33% Sugar & candy                                     16.1 cakes, cookies, & pies                        12.6 [...]
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Sugar and all its names

November 13, 2014 @ 9:16 pm
Brown sugar: consist of sugar crystals in molasses syrup with natural flavor and color. Confectioner's sugar: Finely ground sucrose crystals and mixed with small amount of cornstarch. Corn syrup: Produced by action of enzymes and/or acids of cornstarch. Dextrose or glucose: Also as know corn sugar; commercially made from starch. High fructose corn syrup:  is a sweetener made from cornstarch. Honey: is an invert sugar formed by an enzyme from nectar gathered from bees. Invert sugar: Mixture of glucose and fructose. Lactose, or milk sugar: made from whey and skin milk for commercial purpose. Levulose, or fructose: commercial sugar much [...]

One more thing about diets

November 4, 2014 @ 7:54 pm
Fact: No matter how famous or how beautiful or handsome or hot a celebrity might be, his or her body works exactly like yours works. Body weight is determined by calories in versus calories out, plus how fast your metabolism is burning those calories. Of course the "beautiful people" also have plenty of money and can "cheat" with plastic surgery, liposuction, and risky weight loss drugs while supervised by a team of doctors who will do anything for a buck. They also have a PR department that makes sure every published photo is perfectly airbrushed. They can also hire personal [...]